We will install your wooden or ceramic tiles for $2/sq.ft.



TwoDollar franchise has finally arrived in the “Treasure Coast” yippee.. and is owned by a United States Veteran, double YIPPEEE and he does his best to hire only GREAT Veterans, triple YIPPEE. And all the local Lowes centers in the area have agreed to HONOR all Veteran Benefits and pass along the TEN (10%) percent Military Discount to all of our customers, now that is a SUPERDUPERDANDY!!!! YIPPEE QUADS to Lowes who recognizes our service….

Lowes attentive team of professionals will guide you patiently through the process and we will be there with you also… and to boot you save 10%, nice world, huh? Oh and by the way all of our qualified workers are US Vets, well not all of them Mary did not join up, BUT she is so darn nice so we made her an Honorary Veteran and she loves it, she wears her Flag proudly. And sorry about getting so darn long winded but we also do two other things that you may find OK, we pay all sales taxes, yep, you heard it right, we pay them. So for an easy calculation click here and what you see is what you ae charged, NO matter the trouble or problems we may have, we ONLY charge what you see. TWO BUCKS!!!

Lastly, we also donate 10% to WWW.VETIDUSA.COM.

Sorry, darn it, one last thing, we DO NOT shop at the Orange Store, seems they don’t seem to care about our Veterans, so be it, but I seriously doubt I would shop there anyway, who can ever beat Lowes quality service and pricing… we love Lowes, kinda ignore Orange..

Cheers and we LOVE ya..

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The best way to measure a room is to break it down in to rectangular areas. Then, put the dimensions of each area in to the calculator , then add the areas together.

We would always recommend you add 10% to the quantity of materials. This allows for wastage and cutting, and will still leave enough for ‘accidents’ that need a repair in years to come!

Our performance on tile installation guarantees years of trouble-free performance and increases your home’s value and beauty.

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